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Change your Life, 3 important steps

Many people would like to change their lives, make it better, more positive, be "happier" as everyone says. The first thing to say to you is that waiting to be happy is useless.

You must decide to be it now. If you really want to change your life, it will only be possible thanks to one thing :

your will !

If you feel deep inside you that the desire to change will be stronger than anything then it is time for you put in it. Some steps will be necessary to succeed. I give you three.

1/ Clean your life

It may sound strange for you, but to get back on an healthy base, you will need to have an environment that looks like the one you want to become.

First, sort your home. Are there things you do not use anymore ? Never used ? Clothes that you have not wearing since two years ? Above all do not have feelings. Give, sell, put in the garbage but do not keep objects that will overrun your daily life and prevent you from being able to reorganize your life.

Second, sort out your relationships. This may seem difficult to hear or not very kind to these people, but it is a step that is unfortunately necessary. Be honest with yourself. Are there people around you with whom you have nothing in common ?

People you might call « time-consuming » ? And even more important, people who do not respect you, don't believe in your projets, demoralize you and are constantly negative ? Know that all these people will only slow you down in your change to your happiness.

If one day, these people want to change, you will certainly find them again, but for the moment, you must leave them behind you and move forward. Remember, everything you absolutely do not want in your life must disappear from it.

2/ Organize yourself

To change, start by changing your organization.

Do not hesitate to buy a calendar, an organizer, a schedule, a blackboard ... By structuring your new life, it will be easier for you to put things in place and especially to continue to make positive changes in your life.

I take an example :

You find that you do not make enough balanced meals and you decided to change that.

By creating your meals in advance, looking for recipes, making a meal plan and shopping lists,

it will become much easier and more obvious to introduce these new more balanced meals.

3/ Create your new habits

With the two previous steps, you can now proceed to the crucial step of creating new habits. Know that this is a crucial step in your change.

Why ? Well, because it's your old habits that have led you to where you are right now.

For example :

If in the evening you are used to playing games on your smartphone rather than reading or doing other activities without a screen, it is normal for you to have problems with your sleep.

By changing this and put other types of activities, not only will you improve your sleep, but you will also make your brain work positively.

Be careful, setting up new habits is not easy. It takes a lot of willpower and organization. In order to help your motivation you must find what encourage you the most.

The question is :

Why do I want to change this or that ?

If the answer to your question is strong enough, if it takes you to the guts, if you want to say

« never again » then you are ready to set up new habits !

That's all for today, if you have questions do not hesitate. Take care of you.


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