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Clean your life

Hello everyone !

With the beginning of the sunny days, you have all heard the expression "spring cleaning". 

And this expression applies equally to your life and your home. I am aware that we are no longer in spring, but there is no better time than "now" to clean up your life.

1 / To properly clean your life, start by actually doing the housework

Yes, this may sound completely stupid, but your house reflects your image. 

If your home is messy or dirty, it will be harder for you to move forward in your projects or feel good. And above all to have clear ideas.

Start by clearing all the furniture of objects and clearing out all the dust. Clean everything.

At this point I recommend that you put all of those items aside as we will get to that later.

Then vacuum and clean the floors, clean the sanitary facilities and the kitchen.

Finally attack the "big pieces": curtains, sheets, carpets ...

You can take advantage of this cleaning to ask yourself what you really want for your place of residence. What are the energies you want to feel and bring into it ?

Maybe you want to change the decoration ? Now is the time to think about change.

2/Sort it out 

Start by sorting your stuff, everything you no longer use, which becomes useless or cumbersome. Do not hesitate, do not make feelings.

Don't forget anything old and broken as well.

Do this with your appliances, your dishes, your clothes and finally your objects.

Also think about any objects that no longer suit you or that are perhaps "one more thing" but that you don't particularly care about.

Your house should not be "an accumulation of objects".

Also think about the objects that you like but which do not correspond with what you imagine of your future.

Also pay close attention to objects that bring you sadness or negative feelings.

Even if you are attached to them in one way or another, it is not always good to keep them.

Although I know how difficult it is, it is part of letting go and is essential to your well-being and your clarity of mind.

Before you throw away, consider whether you can give or sell.

In addition you will certainly make happy people by making a good gesture or win some money.

3/ Make the point 

Once this is done, you will begin to see more clearly. 

Put yourself at your desk or at a table and make a list of everything you do not like (or anymore) in your life.

Maybe the list will be long but at least, tell yourself that "those bad things" will no longer be in your head.

Then make another list opposite with all the positive things you want in your life right now.

Do not forget to put what you want to create, achieve or even simpler things like what you want for your place of residence, as we said previously.

4/ Establish your list of priorities

Among your list, what are the most important things and also what are the most quickly achievable things ?

Use numbers, colors, whatever you desire but you must put on top (or on one side) what seems more important to you and below (or on the other side) the most quickly achievable things.

You must be able to recognize quickly what is important on one side, and what will be quick to achieve on the other. Make a new list if things are not clear enough.

5/ Make your action plan (what I like to call Battle Plan)

a) Everything that is easily achievable can and therefore must be done.

So take this list and detail how you will act.

Example :

"I want another decoration, this one does not looks like to me anymore."

What will be the theme of the next decoration? What budget do I have? Other particular things ? ... 

Then once you get the answers to these questions you will only have to go shopping and use your muscles.

It is very important to take action as soon as possible in order to avoid procrastination. Remember : there is always a time for everything. One to think and one to act.

b) All that is important (but longer to achieve) must be studied

Just like the previous list, ask yourself the right questions.

In order to take action this is going to ask you more organization because certainly more questions.

Example :

"I do not feel well in my job right now"

How do you change that ? Do I have to spend part-time ? To quit ? To make a professional reorientation ? A training ?... 

So many questions that you need to take time to develop in order to provide the most accurate answers possible before you take action.

Little trick : Think about taking care of yourself. If you feel relaxed and comfortable in your skin,  you will be more able to be objective.

Of course, if you feel ready to make a commitment but feel lost, now is the right time to call in a wellness professional.

There is no shame in needing to be accompanied and asking for help.

6/ Do some "housework" around you

Do some sorting in your relationships.

All the negative people, who depress and downgrade you.

Move away or even cut the links if you can.

This also applies to people who do not approve your new life choices.

You don't have to take care, priority to your happiness !

If that's hard for you to know, go back to the list tip. Write down the names of the different people around you and then write down how they interact with you and what their words are.

Try to take a step back to be as objective as possible. Pretend you are doing the exercise for a friend. What would you advise him when you sees such person say certain words to him or behave in certain ways ?

This list is not exhaustive but will normally allow you to see much more clearly in order to make the necessary changes in your life. 

Do not be afraid of change, it can only be positive. (Especially if you chose it)

Take care of yourself



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