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Good in your body, good in your head

We often said that the body and the mind are one. You will notice that in general this is confirmed easily. Sometimes, you can say by observing a person that this one doesn't go well.

So your mantra of the day will be: Take care of your body, your mind will thank you.

1/ Eat as Healthy as Possible

You can take pleasure with food and sometimes eat what you want.

It's important, however it mustn't become a daily habit. It's a question of balance.

Limit fat and sugar (especially if it's within industrial products) but do not remove them !

Your body needs it.

Prefer the more natural sugars (in the fruit for example) and less saturated fats (omega 3 are good examples).

If you are in doubt, consult a dietician or a naturopath, they will know how to guide you to the best choices.

Ps : Do not believe everything you read in articles on the internet, select.

Some people writing them have no real proven skills.

2/ Do sport or just move

As I have already said, it is important to practice regular physical activity.

Regarding the type of activity, the decision is yours. You are the master of your body.


You want to develop your muscle mass ? Do some weight training.

You want to have a supple and slender body ? Do gym or dance. 

You just want to take care of yourself regularly ?

Do floor exercises on a mat, in a room or at home.

Don't have a lot of time? Make sure you go for a walk, use a bicycle, or climb stairs.

There is no wrong choice, there is YOUR choice.

The wrong choice would be to do absolutely nothing

3/ Take care of your external appearance

This may seem overdone but it is actually a very important point.

Whether you are a woman or a man, don't let yourself go.

The image you send back to your mirror is the image of the person you are building.

Make sure you enjoy yourself, be proud of yourself. And then we are not hypocrites, we live in society, so it is pleasant for oneself to be recognized as a person who takes care of her.

a/ Choose the right clothes

Take clothes that fits you and highlight your body.

You can wear whatever who want but be careful to take the good size and the good form.

Many people tells that if a clothe doesn't fit you it's because you are too fat or too skinny for this outfit.

Personally i think it's bullshit ! It's because this cloth is not create for your type of body.

Yes you can wear short or tight skirt even if you have curves but you also have to buy a skirt made for curves people.

b/ Take care of your skin

Man or a woman, no excuse !

Wash your face and moisturizing your skin twice a day is a minimum.

The best is one or two times in a week (depending on your skin type) making a scrub and a mask (yes for men also, especially with mustache or beard hair).

Nowadays full of wonderful products are available to you, for all budgets, so enjoy.

c/ Take care of your hair

And yes, of course, the hair completes this picture.

Don't hesitate to go to the hairdresser to choose a cut and a color that will highlight your face. Regularly cut the tips so that you do not have forked hair. Use a shampoo that matches your hair type and use after shampoo or other care after (especially if you have long hair).

d/ Do not neglect your nails

If you decide to have long nails, it is the same thing that for the hair, this requires maintenance. Tell yourself that a lot of people are talking with their hands, so what is the message you want to pass ?

You can also have false nails in resin or gel nails but you must have the budget for maintenance too.

In case of doubt, lack of time or lack of money, prefer to wear shorter.

You can still wear fingernails sticking in from time to time. That is a good solution.

PS: This note may seem superfluous (and it is better for you if it does) but do not neglect your hygiene. Whatever is overall or dental, this remains the most important before thinking about anything else in your physical appearance.

4/ Know how to relax & letting go

One of the biggest problem in our society is stress. By knowing how to relax your body, you will also prevent your mind from getting "overheated".

For this, many "techniques" are at your disposal. Yoga, meditation, relaxation, massages, baths ... or even reading a book or a walk in a place you like that is calm and relaxing (forest, beach, countryside ...).

When it comes to letting go, always focus on the present moment and the thought that you are not alone in the universe and that certain things are beyond you. In case of doubt, put yourself in someone else's shoes to see your situation with distance or ask a friend or a wellness professional what they think about your situation.

I will do article on this subject later if you want more details.

That's all, I'll see you soon !

Take care of yourself !


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