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How to keep your motivation ?

It is not always easy to keep your motivation when you have many things to do, here are some "tricks" that may be useful.

1/ Create good habits, what we call "rituals"

Good habits allow you to have enough time as well as the physical and mental necessary to maintain good motivation. (I would definitely do an article on habits) Example: If every morning you don't get up too late and do sport, you will already be used to staying motivated to do so. You will also definitely have more energy than someone who gets up at noon. (well unless you work during the night or in the artistic world, in which case it makes sense to be out of step ;-)

2/ Do what you like (as much as you can)

And yes, of course, the best way to stay motivated is to love what you do. Your desire or your passion will push you to focus your energy on what you have decided.

We can not always do what we loves, everyone is aware of it. Try to do as many things as you like and delegate what you do not like.

If you have the means, pay someone who can help you with these tasks or use smart tips with people around you.

For example, if you really do not like dishwashing but that is not a problem a for a member of your family, offer him an exchange, "I'll do this for you if you do the dishes" it is good for everyone.

3/ Use the right tools

In order to keep a relatively constant motivation, you will need to be organized.

The organization will allow you to save time, to be able to do more things than you like. It will be easier to keep your motivation. This will also allow you to relativize.

When you are going to see your schedule for the day, you will certainly want to do quickly tasks that you like less so you can concentrate on what you like. The overall vision will allow you to set goals.

To do this, several tools are at your disposal: The agenda, the organizer, the vision board ...

(I would also make an article only about the organization).

4/ Knowing the "why"

To stay motivated, you have to know why you do it. What is the reason ?

If you answer the question "why I'm doing this" by a strong statement, then your brain will be better able to boost you.

It is important that your why is powerful, if it is just "because something has to be done" it will not be enough. If, on the other hand, it is for example "to allow my children to have what I did not have" or "to be happy and eliminate my stress", these are strong examples.

5 / Do this step by step

If you have a lot to do or a very big project, you will have to cut it.

Step by step, things are always easier.

As we say "We tend to get discouraged if we see the mountain that we have to cross but if we focus on" how to get to the next hostel "everything becomes easier. "

It is best to write it down on a sheet and then peel it step by step. You will have a better overview.

Ask for a professional if it's too hard for you.

6/ Becoming aware of the steps accomplished and your progress

When you stop to make the point, become aware of the way you have traveled, of what you have accomplished. Be proud of it. With this, you will be much more motivated for the rest of your journey, since you will say to yourself "I have already managed to do this, so why not the rest ? "

Don't forget to celebrate your successes !

7/ Giving yourself rewards

As well as valuing your journey, it is very well also to reward you. Set yourself a goal and when you reach it, reward yourself.

Example: I have to finish this project. I have to be motivated. If I finish it in X time I would give myself the right to go and do some shopping.

Here of course it is an example like any other but it can be anything as long as your brain has the idea of ​​the reward behind. (a walk, a good cake, a hug with your animals...)

8/ Surround yourself with motivating people

Of course, this sounds logical, but is super important.

If you surround yourself with negative people who procrastinate all day, it is certain that this will not positively influence you. Selected the most of the people around you.

People who motivate you and who are themselves motivated people !

9/ Practice self-motivation


Every day or whenever you need it, do not hesitate and say aloud what is needed to do.

Motivate yourself like a sports coach :

"You have to do that, it's important !", "You have to get moving !" , Come on you have to do something !"...

You have to convince your brain that it's important.

It is also similar to self-hypnosis. Do not hesitate to put yourself in front of a mirror and make funny faces or "big eyes" to motivate you even more.

10/ Share your motivation

If you need to motivate yourself in a group too, it can be really excellent ! A good way to use social networks wisely. Create challenges together !

If you also have many motivation, do not hesitate to share it.

This will also motivate other people who will return it to you.

And yes, motivation is like happiness, it's contagious, so I count on you to become a real epidemic of motivation and happiness of course ;-)

That's all for today !

Take care of you !



Don't forget to celebrate your successes !


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