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How to manage an anxiety attack ?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

How to manage an anxiety attack ?

We are all under stress sometimes and we often have to deal with anxiety attacks. 

Here are some steps and techniques that will help you better manage these crises :

1 / Accept your emotions and feelings

In a crisis, one of the worst things you can do is trying to hide your anxieties. (Yes I did try because you agree with me that in general it does not work very well.)

First, because usually anxieties re-emerge at the worst moment and probably in an amplified way.

Second, because it will not solve any problems and it will come back anyway.

So, what to do ?

a) In the case of a panic attack, many professionals will tell you to stay here and not move. You can also do the exercise of wrapping your arms around yourself to create a protective bubble. Personally, having experienced it many times, I would recommend in certain cases to try to isolate yourself in order to be able to control your environment better again. You decide what is best for you. In this case, go to a quiet place. (Well if you are actually in a transport you will have to wait for a more suitable place or if you are at work put yourself in a small corner, go out in a courtyard...).

b) When you are finally alone and feel a little calmer, take a paper and pencil or use your voice if you can speak out loud. (Or your phone if you only have that, but be aware that handwriting has positive effects.)

c) and note or said what you feel. Go ahead, let go. "I'm sick, I'm sad, I'm tired ..."

Then let the emotions invade you. (Shout, cry if you want…)

d) When everything is out, calm down. To do this you will have to breathe. Take great inspirations and great expirations. Let enter as much air as you can and exhale the maximum air as you can too. Do it four times. I call it « the square of the air ».

You will realize that you will already be more serene.

If you prefers you can invert the process and do breathing exercices first and then write or said everything you have on your heart. It's your choice ^^

2 / Understand your emotions

Now that you have greeted and noted your emotions, ask yourself, why ?

Why am I sad ? Why am I angry ? Why i'm scared ? Why i develop this anxiety ? ...

Because I did not succeed, because I feel like I've been assaulted ...

Try understand.

You need to know why your body reacts like this to be able to avoid returning to this state.

Use a paper or a diary.

And try to respond to this really important question :

When and under what conditions do I feel this violent anxiety ?

You absolutely have to recognize the signs and avoid some conditions to have less crisis.

PS : If you have been diagnosed or think you have a mental illness, get closer to a psychology professional. But normally, except in cases of serious illnesses, these exercises cannot harm you.

3 / Take Action

First, clear your mind. Do something else, like ANYTHING ELSE !

You have to distract your mental from these "bad ideas".

Then, when you feel better, you can continue to work on yourself :

Now, you know your "why" so your new question is "how ?"

How you can reduce this negative emotion and resolve this problem ?

For this part, the time to fix the problem will depend on the importance of the problem and therefore your ability to solve it.

Exemple : If you are anxious because you have to pass an exam this will be absolutely not the same thing as if you are anxious because a colleague harasses you.

Of course there are always different degrees in the same thing.

Do not hesitate to ask for outside help if necessary.

4) Repeat

When another crisis of anxiety arrives, do not hesitate to repeat this ritual, it will help you in your daily life.

The "repeat" is also to be taken in the sense of "retry".

Repeat again and again what you have not succeeded in order to erase more and more of your anxieties and your frustrations.

It is with hard work and courage that you will succeeded.

If you need help you can find me on social medias or ask me your free session on the website.

I hope that this will can help you a little.

See you ! 



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