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Impact of socials medias

Almost everyone uses social networks nowadays. The big problem is that they can unfortunately have negative influences on our lives or those of our children. Here are some "tricks" to turn this super tool into something decidedly positive !

Before this, there is one thing that everyone has to realize : Social networks don't reflect your true life or the life of the people you follow.

Nothing that is noted can have to change your values ​​or those of anyone. Many people select what they post (and fortunately for them) but it can happen that others stumble or post things that are not based on any real fact.

1/ Use them as a tool and not as an indicator of social life

Social networks can be really great when you used to work, to be entertained or to be link with real close friends.

Indeed, they can, for example, allow your company to become better known, to be able to communicate with your childhood friend who no longer lives in the region or to make new discoveries. 

By having a specific goal, you will avoid falling into the vicious circle of the "comparison" of life.

As I said, that's not revealing, so practice the letting go and focus on the concrete.

Your life is as valuable as someone else's.

And it's not because this person is going to make more beautiful photos or will have more followers that his (real) life will be richer than yours.

2/ Avoid cyber harassment

Many people are victims of cyber harassment today and it must be admitted that this happens mainly through social networks. To avoid it, you can practice four easy things :

a/ In your private account, only accept people you know or trust.

b/ Don't hesitate to use the "block" functions to prevent some people from entering your privacy.

c/ Configure your settings. Be sure of what you have authorized or not about your accounts.

d/ Take a step back from the insulting comments.

Don't respond to comments that have no thought or foundation

(it would be too much honor for the person who tries to harass you, you give to him power by giving your attention) and don't hesitate to erase them if this is necessary for your well-being.

3/ Be careful not to waste too much time

Yes, when we are searching or watching something that we like, we can easily lose the notion of time.

Be careful that you have completed the tasks that were really important for the progress of your projects. You will avoid procrastinating.

Never forget that the goal of social network creators is to make you spend the most time on their platform in order to get as much money as possible. Everything is therefore created so that you go from one video or post to another without realizing it.

When this happens to me, I always have this moment of consciousness that tells me:

Eh oh stop ! You are not working there ! Now is the perfect time to do something else.

By working on your moments of "mindfulness" you will get there faster too.

4/ Do not feel any obligation

It is not because someone follows you that you must follow him or because someone asks you as a friend that you must accept him.

Use your instincts and reflection. 

Do I really want to accept (follow) this person ? What benefits will I derive from it ? Will this be pleasant ?

5/ Do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you.

Practice benevolence.

Respond to people constructively and politely even if you do not agree with them. By respecting others, you will respect yourself.

Small note : As I said above, you must feel no "unhealthy" obligations towards others. Not responding to a publicity or harassment is ok. However if a person is correct with you and/or that you like her AND especially if you follow this person back; if he/she sends you a pm or puts you a comment: answer it ! Please don't just give him/her a "seen". I think it's really rude and a real lack of respect to do that. And if you don't have time to answer, either don't go see (the person will know that you just didn't see the message), or tell them that you will answer them later.

That's all for today, I'll see you next time and in the meantime, take care of yourself  !



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