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Know yourself

Knowing yourself is both one of the most difficult things to do and at the same time the most important when it comes to talking about your own well-being. I give you below some essential points that you will have to work and deepen if you want to know yourself fully and totally.

I/ Knowing your Body

Its désires, needs

Knowing yourself is above all knowing what you like, what you don't like, what you want or don't want and what are the things in general that make us vibrate. To be able to know each other perfectly and move forward with serenity and security in life, it is important to take stock of this. Note: Our tastes and desires evolve over time and our personal progress, try to take stock regularly especially if you evolve quickly.

Its fantasies

Whether we want it or not our fantasies are part of ourselves. It is interesting even important to know them because without it we risk developing repressed desires which can generate strong frustrations, embarrassment or sometimes even anger or uncontrolled deviance.

Its curves

The shapes of our body are unique to us. Whether we are skinny, generous / generous, muscular or other we must learn to know it, to apprehend it and to accept it.

Its rhythm

This point will directly echo the point which is just after because of course not respecting its biological rhythm will lead to reinforce our weaknesses. It will therefore be important for you to know him well. How many hours of sleep do you need? Are you more of the morning or the evening? What type of food is right for you? Or does it not suit you? What activities are made for you? ... In short, you have understood that knowing your biological rhythm will help you in many ways.

Its weaknesses

We all have small weaknesses, ailments, allergies in short things that our body does not like or support. It is therefore important to know them in order to be able to take care of him as much as possible and avoid putting himself in situations that could harm us. Always remember that prevention is always the most effective.

II/ Knowing your mind

Its functioning

The way our mind works is different for all of us. Understanding how your mind works allows us to adapt our pace of work, learning, our habits ... in short, our pace of life. For example, one person might need more time to learn while another would be very fast. Or another example, one person might prefer to work very early in the morning while another would prefer to work in the evening.

Its blockages

When you know your blockages, it becomes much easier and more obvious to work on yourself. The concern of course is that it is not always easy to identify your blockages on your own. This is partly why personal development professionals exist of course.

His sensitivity

Some people are more sensitive than others. It is important to take this sensitivity into account in order to be able to use it as a force. Depending on the degree of sensitivity, it is good to adapt your actions as well as your lifestyle (including the way you work) so that it is perfectly in line with who we are.

His knowledge

In the course of our life and our experiences, we have all acquired knowledge. Knowing and learning things is essential, but knowing your knowledge is essential too. It is important to know what our knowledge is in order to know our capacities, our limits and to always be able to surpass ourselves. It will also help to know our own worth which is essential to our love of ourselves.

Its values ​​& beliefs

If someone wants to get to know themselves but does not know what their values ​​and beliefs are, it will be very difficult for them to be able to go further. These are two of the pillars that support the foundation of our personality.

III/ Knowing your soul

Its areas of light When it comes to talking about our soul, it is important to know what brings it to light, what makes it shine. Why is such person is a sparkling person ? What makes her a radiant person ?

Knowing what allows our soul to shine will allow us to put our focus on it and thus be able to maintain its light.

Its dark areas We all have our dark areas. Knowing them certainly makes it possible to be able to work on them but also and above all to be able to accept them. Some people want to get rid of it at all costs when it is also what makes their strength and their individuality.

Its fears Knowing your fears will allow you to surpass yourself, move forward and fight them. This could also allow us to adapt our lifestyle in order to favor our well-being when the first solution is not possible or complicated in the near future.

Its inner strength / Its archetypes Knowing your inner power, strength and aura is really great to be able to achieve super self esteem. This is what will allow us to stay the course, our motivation and to recover faster and stronger after every hard blow. Knowing the archetypes that correspond to us allows you to strengthen your inner power even more.

That's all for today

If you have questions do not hesitate

Thanks for your reading !

Take care

See you soon !



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