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Why am I lazy ?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Hello everyone !

For this article, I wanted to talk to you about something that certainly affected us all at one point in our lives : laziness and procrastination.

So let's go, I will tell you more about this "plague" that prevents many people from realizing their dreams.

What exactly is happening ? Why am I like this?

So, I tell you straight away, in general, the root causes are often peculiar to everyone.

It is for this reason that my list will not be exhaustive.

However, there are always 5 factors that come up regularly :

1/ The physical condition

Yes, it may seem surprising to you, but the fact is there :

someone who is in poor physical shape will tend to be much more lazy and procrastinate. Why ?

Because this person simply lacks energy.

That is why it is essential to eat properly (and therefore limit saturated fats, sodas ...), exercise and sleep well.

Someone who is rested and full of energy will necessarily want to do more things than a person who feels tired and without energy.

Then, I will not lie to you : unless you have certain medical concerns, the decision and the motivation belong only to you.

You can be helped and guided but it's up to you alone to make the necessary changes.

It's your decision.

If you want i will make an article on habits changes.

2/ The distraction

Indeed, it is very easy to be distracted. We often tend to procrastinate because the factor "pleasure" passes before the rest.

So if a more enjoyable and entertaining activity is presented, it is necessary to have a lot of will and concentration to not yield to temptation.

This is when you will need: your discipline, your planning, your motivation and your big "why" (the reason why you are doing this action).

When you need to take action, eliminate distractions.

Put yourself in a quiet place, with your phone away and preferably in silent mode.

And if you like music and it helps you focus, go for it ! Enjoy !

I advise you to go see my article on motivation if you do not know it yet.

3/ Boredom or not being aligned with what you are doing

Many people will want to embark on projects that are not suitable for them. Result ? Boredom or procrastination. It is important when embarking on a project to take into account: *Our mental & physical abilities *Our desires & our tastes *Our values Example : Someone starts writing a book whose genre does not correspond to him. He says to himself, for example: I absolutely want to write a thriller but he never reads one and deep down he knows that he doesn't really like it, neither the stories, nor the atmosphere... This person will have a serious problem when writing. Either certain scenes will bore her or deeply disturb her. Result: it will become more and more difficult to write.

4/ Lack of self-esteem

Lack of self-esteem, and especially lack of self-confidence, can be a big factor in feeling lazy. Indeed, when we have no confidence in our abilities, when we don't dare to assert ourselves or when we don't like ourselves, it can become difficult for us to put ourselves forward, to create things and to trust our work. Many people will therefore prefer to "not take the risk" for fear of failing or doing wrong. Which of course joins the last point.

5/ The fear

Yes, fear is one of the essential reasons for this behavior.

Indeed, starting new things, changing a habit, reach a goal ... requires effort and courage. We often stay in the state in which we find ourselves for fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success ...

Besides the expression "being paralyzed by fear" allows us to perfectly understand this state of inactivity. Know that most people who do not go to the next level in their lives are most often struggling with their fears.

Afterwards, this one, as I said to you above, often takes root in deep-rooted beliefs, which were often created during your childhood or adolescence.

These beliefs can be quite superficial and in this case, alone or with a coach you can easily fix the problem. Or even deeper and in this case it will be a professional of the psychology.

Do not panic ! This is neither a fate nor an excuse and you can act on it by making the right decisions ;-)

I will talk about fears in others articles.

That's all for today.

I wish you a good week to all and above all, take care of yourself !

See you soon



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