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You have the right to be unique
and feel good in your skin

Improve your life right now because you deserve that !

Welcome to my place ! 

​ Your certified life coach since 2017.

Improve your life & change your energies in a benevolent & authentic atmosphere.

With simple & effective tools.

Let's discover together the art of being happy!


You can be whoever you want !

You have the right to feel good & in your place on this earth !

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About Me
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My Story
in short

For years, I suffered from my lack of self-confidence and self-love. I hated my image and my body in general. ​

I felt useless, weak, manipulated, too nice.

I found it difficult to say no, for fear of being rejected and despite my ambition and my artistic side, I showed myself a little but not too much because I thought that I was neither good enough, nor beautiful enough, nor smart enough.

It took me several years of working on myself to become who I am today.

I am now a nationally and internationally certified coach. specialized in life transformation through :

- Self-esteem (confidence, self-love, self-affirmation, self-awareness & self-image), which I worked & applied on myself for many years before specializing. 

-  Law of attraction

-  Motivation

- Healthy spirituality, anchored via the seasons and nature. ​

- Healthy environment through creation of high energies.


I use my energy & knowledge in a caring environment to help you shine !

And you, are you ready to make your happiness a priority?

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